Corporate Social Responsibility
People - Employment - Society - Environment:
Social Responsibility initiatives

The following present items and information under the provisions of Law 4403/7.7.2016, which has superseded Article 43a, CL 2190/1920 and pertains to Corporate Social Responsibility actions that are implemented by MIG and its subsidiaries. During 2016 the following events took place:

1. VIVARTIA group

VIVARTIA group operates in the subsectors of Dairy and Beverage, Food Services and Entertainment and Frozen Foods. Since the majority of the subsectors’ operations concerns the particularly sensitive and significant domain of nutrition, VIVARTIA group subsidiaries have established extremely high standards. Moreover, compliance with the institutional regulations constitutes a non-negotiable basis of the group companies’ operation. Corporate Responsibility is deeply integrated into the culture of VIVARTIA group and its subsidiaries and acts as the key component of the way they operate and grow.  

Managing issues of transparency and corruption

VIVARTIA group has developed and implemented the “Code of Business Ethics”. Under the Code’s provisions, transactions in respect of all the group companies should be conducted in a legal and ethical way, according to the applicable national and international legislation. With regard to transparency and corruption, specific rules and principles have been put in place in respect of accepting business gifts and avoiding bribery regarding the all the group’s employees. 

In particular, preventive actions taken by VIVARTIA group and its subsidiaries include establishing specific limits to responsibility for all the employees and imposing relevant controls in order to assess the compliance.   

Moreover, VIVARTIA has established the Code of Conduct dealing with the procurement of goods and services, under which the group has established specific standards and principles defining the relationship between employees and suppliers with regard to offering or receiving gifts. In addition, the suppliers themselves are under obligation to respect and comply with the relevant Suppliers/Partners Code of Ethics that has been developed and carry out their transactions with the group and its subsidiaries within the relative framework. The objective of VIVARTIA group is to ensure an honest and faultless way of transacting with its stakeholders and generate added value.

Furthermore, based on the precautionary principle, at the management level, VIVARTIA maintains an effective risk management system. Therefore, it recognizes, evaluates, prioritizes potential business risks and uses various instruments or implements specialized strategies in order to limit its exposure to the aforementioned risks. Further information regarding business risk management is presented in the Financial Report of VIVARTIA group.

Responsibility for VIVARTIA group employees

The personnel is the most valuable asset for VIVARTIA group’s sustainable development. Therefore, the group   ensures that a safe, fair and merit-based working environment is maintained, constantly offering opportunities for further development to all employees. In this context, the group applies modern methods aimed at its employees’ development, provides ongoing and systematic training programs and applies modern assessment and reward systems to enable employees to develop and enhance their skills on on-going basis by recognizing their dedication and contributions. The Code of Conduct of VIVARTIA group records the relevant issues, according to which the group's key principles and values ​​are as follows:

  • Respecting dignity of all people, following a meritocratic approach to issues of selecting and developing staff and associates
  • Encouraging initiatives and innovations in an environment characterized by flexibility, cooperation and trust
  • Creating and maintaining a healthy and secure working environment

Employee training and development

VIVARTIA implements a wide range of training activities, such as seminars, conferences, certifications and post-graduate programs grants. Structured training programs are aimed at enhancing knowledge and developing employees’ skills and competencies. Moreover, VIVARTIA has established Learning Academies, namely Sales Academy and Vivartia Academy.

Sales Academy

Programs implemented through Sales Academy mainly concern Sales Departments executives, as well as other executives employed in VIVARTIA group subsidiaries, whose educational needs match with the relevant issues covered during the seminar. Sales Academy lectures are certified Sales Department executives. 

Vivartia Academy

VIVARTIA group Learning Academy aims at training the group companies’ employees, as well as their selected collaborators. Training is carried out on a voluntary basis by experienced executives of the group, who are either certified trainers or specialize in the subject of every training session. The subjects of training sessions are related to various soft skills. Training sessions are conducted at the premises of VIVARTIA group and its subsidiaries, while the maximum duration per seminar is one day. 

Human Rights and Equal Opportunities

The working culture established in VIVARTIA group is based inter alia on encouraging diversity. VIVARTIA group and its subsidiaries recognize that human resources consist of various people who have their own mentality, lifestyle and goals. All the employees, regardless of age and gender, are widely supported and granted equal opportunities for growth and development.

In particular, within 2016, VIVARTIA group subsidiaries participated in the following actions:


DELTA develops and implements the Corporate Responsibility Action Plan based on the following 5 strategic initiatives:

1. High quality and safety of products

2. Support for local communities and the primary sector

3. Care and protection of the environment

4. Creative working environment

5. Sound corporate governance and financial viability

The strategic initiatives were based on the results of the materiality analysis carried out by the Corporate Responsibility Team in 2016. The Corporate Responsibility Team includes representatives of the Company's Departments and aims at facilitating integrated management of DELTA’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

High quality and safety of products

DELTA mainly aims not only at maintaining the high quality level of its products, but also at the on-going development of all stages of the production process.  In this context, and via its Quality Assurance Division (QAD), the company implements the most advanced Quality Management System through all its operating sectors.  All DELTA’s production units strictly follow provisions of the international standards on quality and food safety management. In particular, DELTA maintains, applies and is certified according to the following systems:

  • Food Safety Management System (ELOT ΕΝ ISO 22000)
  • Quality Management System (ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001)
  • BRC – Global Standards for Food Safety
  • IFS Food, Standard for Auditing Quality and Food Safety of Food Products
  • AIB International, Health and Food Safety System
  • Food Defense System

Furthermore, DELTA systematically invests in R&D, where, since the early 1990s it created and has been supporting the R&D Department, investing in the Company's first laboratory facilities, based on the yoghurt production plant located in Agios Stefanos. Since then till currently, DELTA has invested in research potential, cutting-edge technologies and equipment as well as new product development processes.

Creative Working Environment

DELTA implements a system that identifies and assesses the employees’ performance. It is a modern development system, mainly focused on performance, behavior and skills of every employee. Emphasis is also placed on the gradation of skills, which are directly linked with the specificities of every working position. The results of the assessment are used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every department and to  decide regarding the progression of employees.

Safeguarding employee health and safety constitutes a daily concern to DELTA. In the company, everyone is committed in maintaining high standards of health and safety at work, as particularly recorded in the policy established by the company, which is effective in respect of all its plants and production facilities. 

Protecting the Environment

The environmental protection constitutes a priority to DELTA and, being a Management’s commitment, it is implemented through integrated management systems, always with the contribution of all employees. The company has adopted and implemented an Environmental Policy, through which it develops and implements actions, demonstrating its respect for the natural environment, always based on the precautionary principle. DELTA undertakes significant initiatives aimed at ensuring efficient use of energy and water resources, and always makes attempts to minimize the environmental impact of its operations. In doing so, it demonstrates its commitment for care and protection of the natural environment, but also remains faithful to its objective, that of achieving sustainable development. DELTA initiatives aimed at environmental care and protection include Energy Consumption, Water Usage, Product Packaging, Wastes and Transportation of its products.

Contractual Livestock Farming 

DELTA supports Greek primary production and remains the largest buyer of cow's milk, absorbing over 25% of total quantities of milk produced by Greek livestock breeders. In 2016, it continued collaborating with Piraeus Bank in the domain of contractual livestock farming, aiming at providing on-going support to livestock farmers.

Moreover, in 2016, the company went on with the implementation of GAIA ACTION PLAN, which is an initiative aimed at: a) sustainable development and, more specifically, providing support for Greek dairy livestock farming through research, training and technical support actions, and b) exploitation of Greek crops for the production of animal feed. In the framework of these actions, in 2016, DELTA Dairy Zone held 3 conferences in Imathia, Serres and Xanthi, and took an active part in congresses and scientific forums, as well as implemented 3 pilot research programs and 1 technical support program.

Corporate Governance and Organization

DELTA believes that the adoption of sound corporate governance practices and principles contributes to the efficiency of the internal organization, increases its competitiveness and maximizes shareholder value. Through implementation of these practices and principles, DELTA wants to achieve transparency in management and independence regarding control procedures. In this context, the company has developed a clear organizational structure, as well as an effective internal control and risk management system.  

Supporting social initiatives

DELTA believes that Corporate Responsibility is an integral part of its operation. Responsible operation while supporting the society, and in particular children and families, is a key component of its corporate responsibility strategy. The company implements a range of actions in collaboration with reputable institutions, thus contributing to covering basic nutritional needs. During 2016, DELTA offered over 1,250,000 portions of food in order to cover the basic nutritional needs of people through the following initiatives:

  • Supporting students through taking active part in the initiative organized by the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity and Education, Research and Religious Affairs,   offering fresh milk to  approximately 11,500 pupils, 68 elementary schools and kindergartens in order to support nutritional needs of children.
  • Supporting refugees
  • Supporting children through the Association "Together for Children" and "Prolepsis"
  • Supplying food via Food Bank
  • Supporting families through the Social Structures of Municipalities, focusing on the areas where the company's facilities operate, such as the municipalities of Dionysos, Agios Stefanos, Kifissia, Moschato-Tavros, Alexandria, Thessaloniki, Delta etc
  • Supporting vulnerable social groups through reputable institutions and NGOs, such as the common meals of the Archdiocese and churches of Greece (through SKAI channel and the “Oloi Mazi Mporoume” initiative, the “City of Athens Homeless Shelter” (KYADA) , Doctors of the World / Médecins du Monde Greece, The Ark of the World, the Piraeus and Meropeion nursing home, Unesco of Piraeus and islands, and others. 


BARBA STATHIS develops and implements all corporate responsibility action plans based on the following 5 strategic initiatives:

1.  High quality and safety of products

2.  Support for local communities and the primary sector

3.  Care and protection of the environment

4.  Creative working environment

5.  Sound corporate governance and financial viability

Making the best use of the virtuous triangle – i.e. combining nutrition, taste and convenience – BARBA STATHIS has been successfully providing Greek households with products bearing the brand of success, such as “Barba Stathis” and “Chrysi Zymi”.

BARBA STATHIS fully relies on its experience and professional knowledge acquired during 45 years of its leading presence in the Greek market, high level of Greek manpower and the potential of Greek land, applying the “Integrated Agricultural Management” system. In the framework of “Contract Farming” program it ensures optimal quality and maximum safety, maintaining freshness and taste of the vegetables until they reach the consumer's plate.

Contract Farming

Through implementation and development of contract farming system, BARBA STATHIS undertakes a commitment for long-term investment in Greek farmers and Greek land, applying the principles of Integrated Agricultural Management, which includes documented agricultural procedures from sowing to harvesting. BARBA STATHIS is the first company in Greece that has implemented the Integrated Agricultural Management system, which not only improves  the company's relations with the Greek farmers and the Greek land, but also ensures constantly high level of quality and characteristics of the varieties of agricultural products. Moreover, it enables the producers to cultivate excellent traditional varieties under supervision and control of the company’s agriculturists. In 2016, BARBA STATHIS collaborated with over 1,300 Greek farmers who cultivated more than 30,000 acres of agricultural produce.

Creative Working Environment

BARBA STATHIS makes on-going efforts aimed at maintaining safe, fair and merit-based working environment that constantly provides opportunities for further development to the entire personnel. The company strongly believes that its people are the most valuable pillar of its development and is committed to providing a working environment where the people can develop and project their abilities and always recognizes their dedication and contributions. The Code of Conduct of VIVARTIA group has been adopted by the company and fully applies to its operations.

Quality Assurance and on-going Research and Development

At the same time, BARBA STATHIS has developed integrated and strong functioning of Research and Development system, whose main concern focused on developing innovative products and their proper adaptation to the needs and requirements of the relative markets. Thus, BARBA STATHIS offers products that preserve and promote the Greek/ Mediterranean flavor culture, always adapted to the rhythms and needs of modern life. 

Within the entire production process, BARBA STATHIS ensures and documents Quality and Safety of its products through the implementation of a horizontal system certified, developed according to international standards: EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 22000, I.F.S. Food and B.R.C.

Social Initiatives

BARBA STATHIS’s main concern is to support people in need, with focus on children and families, and thus contributing to the nutritional needs of Greek families. In 2016, the company participated in social sponsorship events, supporting charities, associations and other local agencies, through offering of more than 18 tons of products.

On the occasion of the World Food Day, in collaboration with “Together for Children”, BARBA STATHIS implemented a program focusing on meeting the children's nutritional needs supported by the Association and provided financial assistance in order to organize the concert organized by the Association.

For one more year, the company BARBA STATHIS supported the Municipal Groceries (Delta and Neapolis Sykeon), gathering 810 packages of food, essential items and baby care items.

Another action worth mentioning is the initiative of BARBA STATHIS to collect and distribute financial aid to SOS Children's Village in Filiro and Melissa Orphanage for girls to cover their immediate needs in food and medical supplies.


GOODY’S group is actively engaged in catering industry, offering high quality products and services at best possible prices. Employing more than 5,000 people and rendering services to more than 300,000 customers on daily basis, the group is primarily concerned about the quality of all its products and services and, therefore, it applies certified systems and ensures strict compliance with the regulations.

Responsibilities to Consumers

GOODY'S group is the largest group occupied in the domain of food services and entertainment in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. It owns and manages some of the biggest food services brands in Greece such as: Goody's Burger House, Everest, Flocafe Espresso Room, La Pasteria, Papagallino, Olympus Plaza and the award-winning Kuzina restaurant. It also has 3 state-of-the-art factories (Hellenic Catering & Olympic Catering), which produce ready-made meals (chilled & frozen), meat products, salads & dressings & baking products for the brands and the entire food services market.

Operating more than 500 selling points in Greece and overseas, GOODY'S group renders services to over 300,000 clients on daily basis. The people of the group share the passion for innovation and commitment to the quality of products and services, always focusing on client satisfaction. The strategic objective of GOODY'S group is ensuring absolute satisfaction of its clients through producing safe food and rendering integrated food services, offering meals and products of high level of safety and quality. In this context GOODY'S group applies management systems controlled and certified by independent certification organizations. In particular, the group has the following certifications and a total of 326 certificates in respect of its entire Network.

●  ISO 9001

●  ISO 22000

●  OHSAS 18001

●  IFS

●  ISO 14001


Responsibility to Environment

Based on the principles of “sustainable development”, GOODY'S group implements and continuously improves its Environmental Management System through which it sets specific goals and objectives aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy, preventing environmental pollution, recycling, controlled management of gaseous emissions and generated wastewater. In particular, environmental actions include among the others the following:

1.    Participating in GF Energy program (collecting cooking oils)

Collecting used cooking oils and dispatching them to GF ENERGY Central Unit, the most modern biodiesel plant in Greece, in a legal, safe and ecologically correct manner. In particular, in 2016, 219,000 kg of cooking oils were collected from the group's stores.

2.    Recycling

Considering recycling to be a key priority, all the people of the group voluntarily participate in recycling programs in order to save the key materials used on a daily basis. At the same time, special recycling bins have been installed at GOODY'S group's main stores with the aim of motivating and training consumers in recycling procedures. In particular, during 2016 the group managed to collect over 135 tons of paper, 43 tons of timber, 3.5 tons of metal, 33 tons of plastic and 280 kg of glass.

3.    Saving Energy and Natural Resources

GOODY’S group implements in practice the principles of traditional energy sources savings and uses natural gas at all La Pasteria restaurants as well as at Olympic Catering central production facility.

Sensitivity to people and community

GOODY’S group is committed to its objective – that of supporting fellow human beings facing problems -  through collaborating with various institutions/organizations and activating the entire chain of its business partners, network of stores and its clients. In particular, in 2016:

  • At Goody’s Burger House, ArGOODaki, a widely recognized social program, established 15 years ago, supported educational activities of visually impaired students. The aim of the ArGOODaki program was to cover the needs for 3D equipment, since learning by touch is one of the most effective ways of training for blind or partially blind pupils.
  • EVEREST participated in the “School Snacks” program of the Ministries of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity and Education, Research and Religious Affairs, offering traditional Thessaloniki bred rolls to approximately 11,500 students, 68 elementary schools and kindergartens. The “School Smacks” program is aimed at free distribution of healthy snacks to primary school pupils and kindergartens and seeks to address and cover nutritional needs of vulnerable groups of population, namely, school children. 
  • La Pasteria has been participating - for the 8th consecutive year- in Make A Wish Hellas program, making children’s wishes come true and inviting them together with their families to La Pasteria restaurants. Make A Wish is an NGO that receives no government grants, exclusively relying on sponsorships and donations from individuals and companies. In 2016, 13 wishes came true at La Pasteria restaurants.

Furthermore, for the 6th consecutive year, GOODY'S group effectively supported the unemployed and offered them a 10% discount on every visit to all its stores. This special financial offer is part of the Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) initiative aimed at providing special rates to unemployment card holders.

2. ATTICA group

The mission of ATTICA group is to render high-quality maritime transportation services through with innovative high-quality vessels. The group's operations create added value to its shareholders and employees, leave a positive environmental footprint and work for the benefit of collaborators and local communities.

ATTICA group holds the leading position in the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 2016, the group published its 7th consecutive Corporate Social Responsibility Report, for the second time, in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines, a sophisticated and highly demanding reporting system, adopted by pioneers in the domain of corporate social responsibility internationally. Several non-financial core principles of CSR in respect of  ATTICA group performance in 2016 are recorded below as follows:

Corporate Responsibility

Management promotes the concept of Corporate Responsibility at all levels of ATTICA group. The success of ATTICA group, as a constantly developing organization, is directly linked to its approach to responsible operation, which remains a priority, since the Management believes that it should create value not only for shareholders but also for all its Social Partners. ATTICA group has adopted responsible policies and practices throughout its entire business operations and successfully collaborates with the Social Partners in order to ensure creation of mutual long-term value.

Human Resources, the Management has crated working environment characterized by atmosphere of respect, equality, security and merit approach, offering opportunities for training and development, thus providing the best possible conditions for work and growth.

Society, ATTICA group focuses on business development, bearing in mind development of the country in general and the group’s business partners in particular, support of local communities affected by its operations for the purposes of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and the well-being of the society. 

Clients, ATTICA group strives to protect safety and health of its clients and provides them with the best possible travel experience in order to meet their needs and expectations during their voyage.

Environment, ATTICA group tries to integrate the principles of sustainable development into its operations and applies environmentally sound business practices in order to limit its environmental footprint – to the best possible extent.  

Indicatively, it is to be noted that all Superfast and Blue Star vessels are certified under the International Safety Management Code (ISM) and strictly apply all European and Greek legislation for the protection of the marine environment. Sensitivity to environmental issues is demonstrated in practice as the group implements and has been certified (without a legislative requirement) regarding all its vessels the International Environmental Management ISO 14001 Code, while it has developed initiatives aimed at addressing  the phenomenon of climate change.

Labor Issues

As at 31/12/2016, the group employed 1,058 headcount (1,077 headcount in 2015).  The human potential, which is the soul of the Group and exponent of its vision, has always been the main focus for ATTICA group. The purpose and the commitment of the Management is to create a safe and fair work environment, supporting growth and development of employees. At average, the term of human resources occupation at ATTICA group exceeds 14 years. 

Strengthening corporate consciousness and on-going training of ATTICA human resources constitute key priorities. In particular, in 2016, in the context of implementing a series of targeted training programs, 5,521 training hours were completed, attended by 80 office workers (2,771 hours), while 511 seamen (2,750 hours) were trained onboard the ships. 

ATTICA group has developed a Code of Conduct and Ethics and operates employees’ assessment system, improved and updated on on-going basis. The group offers satisfactory salaries within a difficult economic environment and provides additional healthcare and outpatient insurance coverage to all its employees and their family members.


-        116 employees of ATTICA group Sales Network were trained for a total of 4,944 hours.

-        16 students conducted their internship.

-        108 Coast Guards participated in training.

-        68 blood units were collected through voluntary blood donation.

-        Percentage of purchases made by provincial suppliers increased by 45%.

-        ATTICA group supported more than 50 Organizations and Public Benefit Institutions with an emphasis on the local communities of the islands.

-        The total value of ATTICA group's social activities exceeded € 1.4 m.

Caring for Environment

-        Over 78.4 tons of materials were shipped from the islands free of charge for recycling.

-        The group promotes active participation in clean coasts initiative and since 2007, it has installed more than 1,300,000 ashtrays.

-        ATTICA group has recycled 235,000 liters of waste lubricating oil, 30m³ of empty paint containers, 5,5 m³ and 1,900 kg of cables.

-        The group has desalted 76,000 m³ of water (36% of total consumption) consumed on board the vessels.

Human rights/Combating Corruption/Code of Ethics   

ATTICA group respects the International Human Rights Principles, which are included, inter alia, in the International Declaration of Human Rights and complies with ten principles of the UN Global Convention as well as the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), which has verified ATTICA group’s operations and monitors them as afar as the human rights issues are concerned. It is to be noted that no complaints on human rights violations were made in 2016. The group has signed the European Enterprise Manifesto 2020, part of Enterprise 2020, a strategic initiative by CSR Hellas Network the European CSR Europe Network and 42 other CSR Networks across Europe, which promote collaboration and initiatives in three strategic areas:

-        Enhancing employability and social inclusion.

-        Promoting new sustainable modes of production, consumption and living.

-        Enhancing transparency and respect for human rights.

Contributing to combating corruption:

As part of the group’s effort aimed at combating and eradicating corruption, it has accepted and signed the initiative “Call for Action” under the UN Convention on implementing effective anti-corruption policies and practices. Furthermore, in order to ensure transparency of its performance, regarding public debate issues, the group submits its proposals at national and international level through INTERFERRY (International Ferry Association) and APSC (Association of Passenger Shipping Companies).

Applying Principles and Code of Ethics:

In order to safeguard its business ethics and culture, the group has disclosed the Code of Conduct and Ethics (CCE) to all its land-based employees, while it is also included in the welcoming pack provided to all the newly recruited employees. The provisions of the Code are mandatory and is binding for all employees, and a failure to observe it may lead to a break in the employment relationship or even criminal penalties. 


SINGULARLOGIC has established policies, procedures and practices to promote and foster corporate social responsibility regarding the following initiatives:

  • Human Resources
  • Environment
  • Society

i.   Academic Community

ii.   Volunteering & Social Contribution 

iii.  Local Community 

Responsibility for Human Resources

The most important asset of the SINGULARLOGIC group is its people. In order to support and develop its human resources, the group has put into place a well-defined, constantly evolving system covering pay, benefits and special offers. With initiatives in the area of healthcare and education activities targeting not only the employees but their families as well, SINGULARLOGIC implements actions focusing on the well-being of its people. In terms of the  Human Resources, indicatively, SINGULARLOGIC offers the following: 

  • A private insurance scheme covering medical and hospital treatment for all employees under a contract of an indefinite duration.
  • Investing in its people, offering training through participation in specialized personal development seminars, technical skills seminars and professional certifications.
  • Postgraduate grants offered by training providers in Greece and abroad.
  • “SingularLogic Days” – events combining entertainment and relaxation to the benefit of employees and their families (visits to the Acropolis Museum, Adventure Park, Planetarium, etc.). 
  • Recognizing the contribution of employees working in SINGULARLOGIC group for more than 20 years and their  children who succeed in annual entrance exams for Universities and Colleges.
  • Rewarding the efforts and outstanding performance of employees through the established awards of “Achiever of the Month” & “Achiever of the Year”
  • Carrying out an Employee Satisfaction Survey in order to evaluate corporate practices and continuously improve the workplace.

Environmental Management

SINGULARLOGIC maintains an Environmental Management System certified under ISO 14001 which continually evaluates and improves its environmental performance. The main environmental schemes of the group are listed below:

  • Paper and battery recycling
  • Electronic equipment and fluorescent light recycling
  • Toner recycling and reduced paper use via Managed Print Services
  • Reduction of water and electricity consumption
  • Reduction of air pollutant emissions arising from transport (in 2016, the group went on replacing its vehicles with new technology vehicles).


i.     Academic Community:

The group aims to make young people more familiar with new technologies and to facilitate their access to the knowledge society. Indicatively, in 2016, SINGULARLOGIC's contribution to the Academic Society was as follows:

  • Long-lasting partnership with the liaison offices of most academic institutions in the country to arrange student work placements within SINGULARLOGIC group companies and attracting the very best students under an employment contract.
  • Offering free, cutting-edge software to educational institutions and foundations.
  • Granting second-hand hardware and office equipment to primary and secondary schools.
  • Organizing student study visits to SINGULARLOGIC’s facilities.
  • Participating in prestigious Career Days events.
  • Reinforcing activities that promote youth entrepreneurship and pupils' innovation (i.e.  sponsoring the team of the ANATOLIA college for the “F1 in Schools” technology competition, supporting the robotics team of the University of Macedonia etc ).
  • Establishing/Launching of an employment program, development and promotion of new talents  in the context of Software Development “Decode Your Talent!” offering salaried occupation of one year duration to 10 students and graduates.

ii.     Volunteering & Social Contribution

By organizing activities and supporting social initiatives, SINGULARLOGIC promotes the spirit and the importance of volunteerism and social contribution of its people. Indicatively, in 2016, SINGULARLOGIC initiatives for Volunteering and Social Contribution included the following:

  • Since 1999, the group has been collaborating with a mobile blood donation unit from the Amalia Fleming Hospital with its own blood bank in order to substantially support its people and their families.
  • Οffering software applications to non-profit organisations.
  • Collecting basic materials for destitute people, in collaboration with institutions and organizations.
  • Provide financial support to agencies and foundations (i.e.  Make a Wish Make A Wish, Floga - Association of Parents of Children with Neoplastic Disease, The Smile of the Child,  The Unborn Babies Protection Association “Agkalia”, Alzheimer's Disease Society, Hadjipatereion Foundation KAASP, ELEPAP, Unicef,  “Gefira Zois – Disabled Protection Association” etc).

iii.     Local Community

SINGULARLOGIC is focused on supporting and strengthening the local community, and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, has placed priority to collaborations with enterprises in the areas where it does business, providing support to the scope of local agencies, services and foundations. Indicatively, in 2016, SINGULARLOGIC's contribution to the Local Community includes the following:

  • Collecting and purchasing food for the Municipal Groceries in the areas of Kifisia and Agios Stefanos.
  • On-going communication and cooperation with commercial enterprises of the Municipality of Kifissia for their promotion through offers to the employees of the company.