• Real Estate
  • trading assets
  • Leased to high profile, prime tenants, our real estate portfolio consists of commercial properties and office space

  • 2020 Sales:
  • €7m
  • 2019 Sales:
  • €8m
  • Date of original investment:
  • October 2007
  • MIG Ownership (31 December 2020):
  • 83.1%
  • Properties portfolio data as of
  • 31.12.2020



Robne Kuce Beograd (RKB) is specialized in real estate management and retail space arrangement in Serbia. RKB is historically the largest real estate department store and shopping centre chain in Serbia with a total gross area of approx. 276,000m2. As such, it benefits from a remarkable real estate portfolio in attractive, non-replicable and centrally located venues across 24 cities.

The real estate portfolio comprises of 32 department stores - out of which 9 in Belgrade, and one of the largest office buildings in the city centre of Belgrade.